Chicken & Wombok Salad

I’ve found a new favourite salad…Chicken & Wombok…on my number 1 favourite recipe website,


But what I’m most excited about is finding Pepperplate, the coolest app for managing all of my favourite recipes on, and a number of other websites. I can compile them, create a plan of our meals for the week, and then automatically generate a shopping list. I can also create menus to refer back to, such as a dinner party menu. It’s just perfect. I love it! What’s your favourite app?


Fresh Herbs that Stay Fresh

I’ve just discovered the secret to fresh herbs that last…and last.  The Tupperware Fridgesmart.  I had previously used these containers for storing veges, but had never tried storing herbs.  This bunch of dill has been in the Fridgesmart for three weeks and is still fresh and crisp and tastes great. 

I’m blown away! No more sad, limp herbs within days of them making residence in my fridge. 

Now you know what to buy at your next Tupperware party.

Stress Free Packing

As you all know I’ve managed to squeeze in a lot of shopping on my little work trip. Shopping is fun but it leads to a lot of stress when it comes to packing. I spend ages shuffling items between bags at the end of a trip hoping for the best when I eventually put my luggage on the scales at the airport. But I no longer need to wait until I arrive at the airport I now have a personal set of digital luggage scales. The scales clip onto the handle of the suitcase. The suitcase is lifted with the scales and voila the weight appears.

An Organised Wardrobe

When all you really wear is shorts and t-shirts it shouldn’t be too hard to keep your wardrobe organised.  But, for some reason my children’s wardrobes are often in disarray. Clothes are pulled out of one drawer and pushed into another. A collection of ‘not sure where these go’ items are in the top drawer. And there are enough unmatched socks for a small village of one-legged people.  So to kick off the school year I’ve done a big tidy up and sort out.

And, I’ve labelled each drawer so any little or big person who might be putting clean washing away will know where to put it.

Fingers crossed things might stay a little more organised for at least a few weeks.

School Check List

The last six weeks have flown by and now it’s time to get the children ready to return to school.

I’m kicking the school year off in an organised fashion to try to avoid forgotten lunch boxes, hats, homework and water bottles.  I’ve created a little poster to act as a checklist for the children.  This will live by our back door so the boys can make sure they have their full kit before they hop into the car.

Even if this only works for the first couple of weeks of school I’ll be happy.

What do you do to make sure your children don’t forget anything for school? I might need a back-up plan!

Holiday Packing List

Whether I’m packing for a week-long family holiday, romantic weekend away or business trip I always use the same list – a list from the amazing life organising book Did Your Remember the Milk by Brigitte Hinneberg. I have the hard copy of this book, but Brigitte has recently released on online e-book version which is actually very handy for printing out lists that you will reuse over and over.

Brigitte has kindly allowed me to share the packing list with you. I’m sure you will find this very handy. Please take a look at her website for more information on the other organising tools throughout this 318 page life organising bible.

A Little Lego Tow Truck

So, how long should it take your average Mum to build a Lego tow truck?

Maybe 20 minutes?

Well in my case it took 3 hours.  You see, Legoland (the room in our house devoted to Lego) is now a mess! We have over 50 sets of Lego including large Star Wars space ships, Prince of Persia palaces and entire Lego cities broken into little pieces.  I hate to think how many tens of thousands of pieces of Lego we have in ‘Legoland’! And amongst those tens of thousands of pieces I had to find 126 pieces to build the tow truck. Hence the reason why it took me three hours.   

Don’t get me wrong – the boys still adore Legoland and are always creating new amazing things with all the pieces. They are perfectly happy with the chaos. But my husband and I are over it.  A few weeks back John started sorting the Lego so that he could help the boys rebuild everything. And today I did some further sorting while I was searching for the required pieces.

We have all of the Lego books from the sets we have bought so my plan is to put all of the pieces for each set into a zip lock bag and then have the boys rebuild it. This could take weeks and weeks, in fact it could take the whole of 2011, but eventually we’ll get there.

Perhaps I should look into Lego glue. No, just joking – I would hate to stifle the boy’s creativity!