Soft Fluffy Towels

I recently bought Dryerballs. They claim to reduce the drying time, and consequently electricity usage by 25%. Whilst this sounded very appealing – I was particularly interested in the fact that the two balls work together to make your washing softer. The balls have little nodes on them that hit the fabric while tumbling in the dryer and make it soft and fluffy.

It is rainy in Brisbane today so I had the perfect opportunity to test them out on my wet towels. The drying cycle was much noisier that usual with the balls banging around in the dryer but it did seem to take far less time to dry, and most importantly the towels are very soft and fluffy, without having used a fabric softener in the wash.


An Empty Washing Basket

…well…I don’t think it has ever happened before but I am starting my Saturday morning with all the dirty clothes, sheets and towels washed, dried and put away.  It’s such a lovely feeling only dampened by the fact that at the end of the day there will be more washing down the laundry chute waiting patiently to be cleaned. And it can wait until next week!

Happy Saturday!