Hello Summer Fruit

I’m so excited about all of the amazing fruit that is in season. We’re going to try to have something like this every night after dinner. Yum!


Divine Australian Skin Care

I’ve recently moved to a new skin care range and I love is so much I want to tell you all about  it.  I was first introduced to Aesop just a few months ago when I was in Melbourne. One of the lovely ladies I met at the conference I spoke at offered her Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm to me to try. I was converted. It was amazing. Mandarin, Rosemary and Cedar Wood.  Gorgeous.  The next day…at one of the wineries we visited…they were selling this very product in the gift shop. Of course I bought a tube. 

Then, when I was back in Brisbane I looked at their range of skin care.  The shop assistant kindly provided lots of samples for me to take home and try out.  My favourite was the Parsley Seed range.  Of course I went back and bought a full set.  It is just gorgeous and I can’t recommend it enough.  So if you are looking for a new range of skin care, and there is an Aesop store near you, drop in and see if you can get some samples, then you can see if it works for you too.

A New Shade of Vegetable

As you may well know, the secret to healthy eating is to eat a good variety of colours across your fresh fruit and vegetables.  I’m not the healthiest of eaters but I try to encourage my boys to be.  They are quite good at eating vegetables albeit a somewhat limited variety – broccoli, carrot, potato, peas, corn, and a few others if well disguised. So we’re talking green, orange, white and yellow!

So today when I was shopping and saw purple carrots in Coles I was over the moon.  The boys were very excited so we stocked up, and tonight the boys added a new colour to their plate of vegetables. Purple! 

Yoga on the Go

I’ve taken up yoga (after a break of many, many years) and I love it. I’ve only attended two classes so far but I feel fantastic. I love that I finish the class having stretched, strengthened and relaxed. I feel totally energised in the most amazingly calm way.

I’ve signed up for a block of lessons but I’m going to miss at least one session while I travel overseas for work so I’ve found an app that allows me to take my yoga class with me. 

The app offers a range of different classes to suit your needs, from beginner to advance, from short (30 minutes) to long (90 minutes). Plus, you can create your own class by selecting a series of Asana (exercises) using a simple drag and drop approach. This means you could even do a very short 10 to 15 minute session.

The app provides a video for you to follow, as well as a verbal explanation provided by Prahlada, apparently one of the most respected Sivananda-style yoga instructors today.  

It’s not a cheap app, at A$12.95, but it is oh-so portable, and just perfect for the traveller.  The only small criticism I have is that I would really like to have some relaxing background music playing alongside the instructors voice. Perhaps there is a way to turn this on that I haven’t yet discovered.

So, what’s your favourite app?

My FP100

I’m continuing with my commitment to Weigh it Up and today made an FP100.  This is simply a fruit platter that is in the fridge 100% of the time. It’s there cut up ready to eat and topped up every day so that there is always fresh fruit for everyone to snack on. It’s such a simple idea and a key way for me to eat more fruit.

The version I’ve made today is more of a fruit salad with mango, pink lady apples, oranges, nectarine, watermelon and rockmelon. It is delicious!

As I mentioned last week I’m not following the Weigh it Up program beyond adopting some key (but very important) principles – mainly because I’m not trying to lose weight and I’m not the best with a rigid plan.  The recipes do look delicious, however, so this week I am planning to use them for a few of our dinners.  Can’t wait for the sticky chicken and rice with asian greens!

My next focus is the exercise plan. I’ve printed out the exercises and stretches and I’m working towards achieving the four x 25 minute walk/movement sessions per week. Of course – I’ll probably be sticking with a workout on the Wii, I know that works for me!

So – has anyone else signed up for Weigh it Up?

Weigh it Up

As I’ve mentioned before I really don’t eat enough fruit. I love to cook delicious food; I keep busy moving around and running here and there; I am rarely sick and have lots of energy; I am fortunate to keep quite slim…but I worry that I’m not doing what I need to do to live a long and healthy life. 

Grilled Fish

So, I was very interested to read about the new Weigh it Up program. Whilst it is focussing on weight loss my interest is solely on strengthening my immune system and reducing the risk of contracting cancer. 

The program offers a menu plan and an exercise program via it’s website. Some of the meals look quite delicious.

I’m not going to be following the menu plan to a ‘t’ but I am going to cook meals from the recipes, exercise for 25 minutes four days per week and adopt two of the principles Dr John Tickell recommends:

    A fruit platter that lives in your fridge 100% of the time. You cut up 7 or 8 different fruits into ‘bite-sized’ chunks. The more varieties of fruit the better. Kids love the colours of different fruits in bit-sized pieces, so it’s a great thing for the whole family.
    I know this is something my sister does…and I’m going to get on board too!
  2. RULE 15
    Dr John is absolutely convinced that if you wish to reduce your risk of the western cancers such as breast, bowel and prostate cancer by up to 75%, then you should aim to eat/nibble 15 different varieties, different colours – small portions of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and seeds every day.
    This sounds like a lot, but I guess it’s just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Who’s on board?  Are you going to Weigh it Up?