Personalised Baby Blanket

One of my work colleagues in the US had a baby a few weeks back and I’ve been trying to think of something to send that is uniquely Australian. I haven’t had any luck thinking of such a gift so today I made a personalised baby blanket.

I used pale pink polar fleece with a patchwork poly cotton fabric.  Not the most natural of fabric choices, but from past experience, ideal for a playmat and durable for regular washing.

I appliqued Avery’s name onto the blanket using Heat’n’bond iron on adhesive, then zig-zag stitched to hold it in place.

I then hand quilted around the already defined blocks in the patchwork fabric. 

I hope little Avery enjoys her new blanket.  And – if you know of any good Aussie baby gifts to send OS please let me know in the comments below. Perhaps I can add it to the parcel before I send it off.


A Girlie Gift Bag

My life is filled with boys and boy’s things.  Wrapping paper in my house comes in any shade of boy – navy blue, red and white dominate. There is not a dot of pink to be seen. So, when it came time to wrap a gift for baby Claudia I had to get creative. I simply couldn’t wrap her cute little pink tutu onsie in navy blue paper! 

Instead, I created a little bag. I’ve made bags like these in the past but never thought to use one for gifts.  It uses very little fabric for the main bag, a few scraps of fabric and ribbon for the decoration, a short length of lace trim for the top and a length of cord for the casing. 

A Little Piece of Australia

On the weekend I am heading to the US to meet my new work colleagues.  I thought it would be nice to take a few little pieces of Australia with me.  These were the things that immediately sprung to mind for me.


I’ve included Tim Tams (Double Coated, of course), Cherry Ripe, Cadbury Fruit & Nut, Cadbury Snack, Twisties, Milo, Vegemite, Pavlova Magic, Lucas PawPaw Ointment, and an Australian Flag.

Can you think of anything else I could squeeze into my suitcase that epitimises Australia?

A Father’s Day Gift Bag

The Dad in our house has been visiting the gym lately so this year’s Father’s Day gift is themed around exercise.

The end product was a gift bag (literally!) full of goodies.

We included a water bottle, pedometer, New Balance t-shirt, walking CD (downloaded to iTunes and ready to add to the iPhone), swim shorts, ear plugs, rocket thrower thingy, sports socks, gym bag and two pairs of home-made shorts that will hopefully look better on the body than they do on the carpet in this photo!


We also included a few chocolatey treats and the obligatory school and day-care created gifts. I hope we hit the mark!

Little Felt Bags

I love little bags. And just like last Friday, today I created a few more.

They are simple little felt bags and can be made in any size. All that’s required for the most basic model is one piece of felt and two rows of straight stitching. Here’s how I made mine:

  1. Take an A4 piece of felt available at craft stores (mine’s a little crumpled).
  2. From a portrait position fold the left side across to the right side and cut up the centre.
  3. Fold the narrowest edge up to create a pocket, leaving approximately 4 centimetres at the top to create a flap.
  4. Choose a decoration for your bag. A felt shape, a little button, an initial cut out of felt, a flower? Position the motif so that it is not hidden when the flap folds over.
  5. Machine or hand sew your decorative piece in place.
  6. Now sew the side seams, double checking the flap won’t fold over your motif.
  7. Crimp the edges with pinking shears. (These step is purely optional.)
  8. Choose whether you will add a little button or cut the flap to be slightly narrower to simply tuck it into the pocket.

Then I got a little more creative.

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Only two more creating (and shopping) days until Father’s Day.
Stuck for an idea of what to buy or make? Here is a list of creative, predominantly home-made ideas to help you out.
  1. Create some gorgeous Father’s Day coupons.

    Martha Stewart's Gorgeous Coupons

    Simply print the template from 

  2. De-stress Dad with some cute little stress balls.

    So simple and very cute!

    Gather some balloons, flour and ribbons and visit Allison McDonald’s Craftivitiy Corner for full instructions. 

  3. Turn a photo (of Dad and the kids) into a jigsaw puzzle.

    Simply print this puzzle template, available from DLTK-kids.
    Print a photo to the same size (164mm x 219mm) or there abouts (you can always trim it down).
    Stick the photo to cardboard (a similar thickness to a high quality business card would be suitable).
    Stick the puzzle template to the other side.Use sharp scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut each piece.
    You could follow this tutorial on Download Atlas if you need a little more direction.
  4. Celebrate Dad’s Superhero Status.

    I know a Super Dad who would love this!

    Visit Alphamom to find the full instructions to make this Superhero gift including wonderful templates created by Jordan Ferney. 

  5. Make Dad’s luggage unique with these personalised luggage tags.
    Every time we watch the bags go round and round on the airport carousel trying to find which black bag is ours we wish we had put something a little unique on it to distinguish it from the others. Here’s your opportunity to create something different for your Dad’s bag.

    Well, they certainly are unique!

    Family fun provide the full instructions. 

  6. Make an apron.
    It’s surprisingly simple to make an apron. You can use an existing apron as a template or download a pattern and instructions from the Martha Stewart site. It’s then just a matter of sewing around the edges and attaching the ties.

    Will your version look like this?

  7. Choose a collection of beautiful Children’s books that celebrate Dad.
    Here are some of my favourites:
  8. “Just Like Daddy” by Marcus Pfister
    “I Love My Daddy” by Sebastien Braun
    “My Daddy is a Giant” by Gordon and Carl Norac
  9. Show Dad he Rocks 
    The full instructions for this fun little project are on Kaboose.
  10. Bake a batch of biscuits
    Fill a beautiful glass jar with choc chip cookies or my favourite, Jam Drops.
    Choc Chip or Jam Drops? What’s Dad’s favourite?


  11. Create a basket full of love.
    Fill a basket with goodies that Dad will love!  What’s his hobby, interest, all time favourite thing? Reading, Camping, Fishing, Fitness, Cooking, Eating, Drinking.

So what are you giving your Dad this year?

A Little Bag for a Teabag

My dear friend Jo brings her own tea when she comes to my house. She likes special varieties of tea. When I knew she was coming over I had the recurring pang of guilt that after seven years of knowing Jo I really should be able to stock my pantry with her ‘special tea’. So as a spur of the moment response to the guilt I decided to make her a little bag to keep her teabags in so they weren’t floating around her handbag on the journey to my house.

A little bag for teabags