A New Look for Summer

I am desperately bored with my current glasses so I’m on the look out for something new.  What do you think? Please vote below and add any suggestions via Comments.  


100 Must Haves for Every Fashionable Woman

I’ve just stumbled across Nina Garcia’s ultimate guide to fashion chic – ‘The One Hundred’, as summarised by The Daily Mail, but also available as a book. I don’t want them all, but it’s certainly inspired me to start a list of the top 10 items I’d like to acquire. Perhaps as birthday or Christmas gifts (a hint for a husband not friends!). Here are some of my favourites with my comments in italics:

1. CAPE: Adds drama and hides flaws. Keep everything else in the outfit tight and tailored. Oh! Nice.

2. DIAMOND STUDS: Best when large and real – they work with most outfits. Yes -please.

3. KAFTAN: Pair with beads and flat shoes for jet-set chic. I’m thinking beach coverup!

4. LITTLE WHITE DRESS: Wear this tan-enhancer with edgy accessories and gold or silver shoes. I’ll add this to the sewing list.

5. JEWELLERY POUCH: Several velvet or silk pouches are vital for carrying jewellery when travelling. Where else would I keep my diamond earings when they weren’t in my ears?

5. MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY: In the age of emails and texts, a handwritten monogrammed note is incredibly stylish. I loooove beautiful paper.

6. SAFARI JACKET: Even if it skips a season, this style will always return. Karkey?

7. STILLETOS: You can never have too many. Stilettos give confidence, height and sassiness. Invest, then practise your walking. I’m hankering for a gorgeous and expensive pair of black stilletos.

8. CUFF JEWELLERY: Forever on the runway, try wood for the bohemian look or platinum for uptown glitz. Platinum please!

10. The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. OK – so this is not on Nina’s list, but it is on mine.

So what are your ‘must haves’ from Nina’s list? Go on – take a look at the list and then let me know what your favourites are!