The Complete Lounge Facelift

Just on seven weeks ago I started recovering my lounge. I made good progress at first, but then procrastinated about completing the accompanying armchair.  I had always wanted to cover it in the same fabric but took my time to commit…thinking maybe I would come across a gorgeous print fabric that would look perfect with the chaise lounge.  Or perhaps I was just cringing at the thought of starting another lounge recover. I always find it so daunting before I get started.

It’s all complete now and I’m so pleased that I stuck with the same fabric for the chaise and the armchair. Very happy.

I was unsure whether I would need to replace my rug.  I made some tribal cushions for the chaise with a similar colour palette to tie it together.  What do you think? Does it work? I was otherwise thinking of a black wool rug – but I’m concerned it might all look a bit too contemporary for our old Queenslander. 

And…what do you think of my Grace Kelly pillow?  Another home-made job. I found the fabric at Spotlight. I wasn’t sure how it would look, but I’m actually really happy with it. I have an Audrey Hepburn version as well!

I’m so pleased that this job is complete!


From Dining Table to Coffee Table

Not technically ‘created by me’, but rather my husband…a dining table transformation.

A new coffee table for our outdoor entertaining area.  And here is how it looked before:

The Bed Head Makeover

Unfortunately we have been living without a bed head for some time now. I really didn’t like our old bed head so my husband kindly took it downstairs to the garage a few months back. Every time I drive in I look at it and think – I really should pop that on ebay, or do something with it.  I chose the latter…do something with it!

Here is the before…in my lounge room, ready for the make-over.

And the after…behind a very plain looking bed!

The first step in the make-over was to cover the timber in foam wadding. I used three large pieces. One across the middle, as shown below, and then a piece at either end wrapped around the posts and extending to the centre of the bed head.

I sewed this foam in place using a thick needle.

I then measured the length and depth of the front of the bed head and cut two large rectangles of fabric this size, allowing a little extra fabric for a 1.5cm seam allowance.  I was originally going to cut the timber posts on the sides down to be the same height as the centre beam, but I decided instead to use these posts to create a slight curve in the top of the bed head.  Once the foam was covering the timber there was quite a clean line created. I simply needed to cut the fabric to replicate this ‘dip’ in the centre.  I folded the fabric in half and at the centre measured down 3cm from the top.  I cut through both layers of fabric from this lower point, gradually meeting up to the original fabric edge and thereby creating the curve. I repeated this on the second piece of fabric that was to become the back of the bed head. 

The next step was to cut a narrow length of fabric to join the back and front pieces together.  This was cut 8cm wide to allow for seam allowances.  I also made some white piping at this stage and sewed it to the narrow band before attaching the band to the bed head front. Finally, I attached the band to the bed head back fabric, leaving one side open to insert a zip to ensure the bed head was very well fitted.  I needed a zip that was 90cm long so I had to use a black zip that I bought by the metre. White probably would have been better, but you can really only just see it a little from the side.

The next step is to find or make some gorgeous cushions to match our new bed head!

A Few More Changes

Way back in June I covered a couple of chairs, in anticipation of a move to another part of the room.  Well…the move has happened and the formal lounge room is now the dining room and the dining room the lounge room.  

The new lounge area is much smaller and cosier. Prior to the room switch we never really used either room, except when we were entertaining.  Now – we really enjoy sitting in our new lounge room and the dining table has been well used already for Sunday breakfast and the odd dinner during the week.

To tie these two rooms together I made some curtains for the French Doors in the lounge room to match those I made for the bay window that is in the new dining area.  I love this little sitting room, and the best part is the door way on the left of this room leads straight into my kitchen, so when friends come over they can sit on the sofa and chat to me while I cook!

A Cute Little Cushion

As part of the changes to the house I kicked off six weeks back we’ve now moved around some furniture and bought a new dining suite. I’ll share some pictures of these changes very soon but today I want to show you is a little cushion I’ve made.  It’s pictured here with the occasional chair that I covered recently.

I made some piping for the edge of the cushion out of an upolstery fabric I found on sale at Spotlight. It was a velour-like ribbed fabric; I was quite surprised that it turned out as well as it did. The next photo provides a better view of the cushion.

This cushion probably won’t live on this chair, but rather on the royal blue sofa that sits alongside it, together with a few other little cushion creations I have planned.

Loving Linen

I’m in love with natural linen at the moment.

I love these gorgeous cushions, with divine white piping.


And this beautiful ruffled linen cushion.


 And these gorgeous designs with white satin applique.

on linen, lace and patchwork house (

Might be time for some new scatter cushions.


More Changes Around the House

Last weekend I kicked off some changes around the house covering one of my lounge room chairs. Today I finished off the second one and made some new white, billowy curtains for the bay window.  Previously I had a much more formal look in this room. I’m absolutely loving the new look.

I’m going to make these hems a little shorter but I do love the drapey, sweep the floor look. 

This room won’t look like this for too long though. This is to become the new dining room so these chairs will switch to a slightly smaller area on the other side of the room. 

Apologies for the poor image quality! I can’t wait to have my camera back when my husband eventually returns from Santiago.  The old, stand-by I was using died this afternoon so I’m now using my mobile phone!