Monday Night Camp Out

The boys had a pupil free day today…no school!  I had to work (from home) so the boys spent the day adventuring in the yard, culminating in a request to sleep outside tonight. My first instinct was to say ‘no way…you have school tomorrow’, but I paused, realising that once it was dark they would last about five minutes outside on their own. 

They set up their tent…a Huggies tent from when they were babies.

They found pillows and sleeping bags and a torch – ready for the sun to set. They even had their dinner, their bath and did their teeth without any delay. Then it was off to bed…in their tent.  Do they look a little scared?

They lasted four minutes.


Thank God for Technology

After two very wet camping days we’ve all succumb to technology. The rain is pouring down…

Will is watching a DVD.

Hamish is playing DS.


John is checking work emails.

And, I’m playing with the camera settings on my mobile and blogging!

Camping Storage Bags

Remember that fabulous bag that our new tent came in? Well, it turns out that getting the tent and the fly and the tent pegs and the posts back in to that very compact bag is quite tricky! In fact, no matter how carefully we folded the tent and fly we just couldn’t seem to fit it back in so we cut our losses and decided the fly deserved a bag of its own.

A drawstring duffle seemed like the best option. I simply measured the circumfrence and length of the rolled up fly and cut a rectangle of Waxed Cotton fabric the appropriate size. I cut a circle of the fabric using a platter as a template to form the base. 

I sewed the length of the rectangle and overlocked it before pining the tube to the circle base.  I stitched this in place and then reinfoced the edge by overlocking.  I sewed a hem on the top edge leaving a small opening to insert a drawstring.

The fly slipped in perfectly.