Magazine Addiction Update

Back at the start of the year I disclosed my addiction to magazines. I made a commitment back then to try to avoid the purchase, and I think I have done very well!  I didn’t purchase one magazine until late March when the April edition of House & Garden was released. I hadn’t even succumb to temptation at the newsstands in the US, when I was visiting in early March, where there are hundreds of magazines to choose from.

I am continuing to enjoy my online mags, particularly Ivy & Piper. Their latest Fashion Issue is just gorgeous.


A Not So Costly Addiction

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m addicted to magazines.  I love them – fashion, home, cooking. I’m pretty easy so long as it is a monthly publication. It’s the thick glossy pages and gorgeous pictures that I’m addicted to. The addiction is pretty harmless but VERY expensive!  So, this year, I’m going to try very hard to avoid the purchase.  My first step towards this is to read more online mags. There are some absolutely beautiful issues available online. Here are some of my favourites:

Papier Mache: Beautiful things to buy, make and do with children.

LMNOP: Laugh, Make, Nurture, Organise, Play. A gorgeous little Aussie mag with beautiful ideas for anyone with a little person in their life. 

Delish: Editor Tamara has packaged a delightful compilation of stories, DIY, recipes and the latest of gorgeousness into this mag.  This may be one of the only online mags I read for the stories! And, that’s not to say that the pictures aren’t gorgeous too.

Ivy & Piper: Elizabeth and Melanie’s fashion, design and travel mag is just stunning.

Simply the Sweet Life: April has created a Home & Garden lifestyle magazine with stunning photographs and to die for recipes.

Do you have a favourite online mag? Please tell me – it will help my cause!