What to Buy at the Tupperware Party

Wondering what to buy when you’re next invited to a Tupperware party?

My recent purchase and current favourite Tupperware product is the Smooth Chopper.


I had baulked at buying a Smooth Chopper for years as they aren’t cheap. At $80, there was always something else I could find that I needed that came in a little cheaper. But after a run of parties I had pretty much worked my way through the slightly less expensive ‘must have’ Tupperware.

So here are the reasons why I love the Smooth Chopper.

1. A quick and easy way to make a soffritto – the finely diced, carrot, onion and garlic base for a spaghetti bolognese.


2. A great way to chop herbs evenly. Perfect for cutting curly parsley for tabouli salad.

3. A portable mini food processor for camping.

4. No more crying when you dice onions.

5. Super easy pesto maker, chopping and blending herbs, nuts, garlic and oil.

And that’s just using the blade attachment. I haven’t even tried the whisk yet! But apparently it’s fantastic for sauces, mayonnaise and chocolate mousse.

So what’s your favourite Tupperware purchase?


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