Cocktails at the Ready

Do you find it hard to have on hand all the ingredients you need for a cocktail? Sometimes I’m super organised and plan ahead to make sure I have the right mixers in the pantry, but then so often I end up throwing out the majority of the juice that is left over.

But I’ve recently got into the habit of freezing the left over juice in an ice cube tray. Reduced wastage AND a quick and east way to make frozen cocktails.

I keep containers in the freezer with the frozen cranberry juice cubes and grapefruit juice cubes.



My favourite grapefruit martini is then just a whiz away from hitting my martini glass. I generally add three grapefruit cubes, one cranberry cube, a shot of Finlandia grapefruit infused vodka and a dash of Cointreau to the blender.

So delicious! And if I’m not in the mood for a frozen version I make it up, race around and do the vacuuming, and then enjoy!


One thought on “Cocktails at the Ready

  1. I love looking at you blog it’s so wonderful but I wonder how you have the time with working
    Full time and raising children then I thought you must have a wonderful husband

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