What’s on Your Plate?

We’re heading out for drinks tonight and need to take a plate. Generally I’d take something baked, sweet and chocolatey to enjoy at the end of the night. But in the search for a savoury alternative I came across the super simple recipe for one of my favourites, normally brought by someone else as their ‘plate’ – Bean Layer Dip.

Who doesn’t love a Mexican dip? Find the biggest corn chip and then dip through all of those layers to cram as much as you can on to that single chip. Next challenge – getting it all in your mouth without spilling a drop down your front!

The first layer – refried beans mixed with salsa.


Next – sour cream. I gave it a stir in the tub before turning it out on to the beans to make it a little more spreadable.


Then – guacamole, using whatever recipe you like. I’m thinking I went a little overboard with the cumin in mine tonight.


Finally, a sprinkle of cheese and green shallots.


Mmmmm, can’t wait to dip a great big corn chip into this.

So, what’s your favourite plate to take to a party?


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